Navya, Local Motors, Oak Ridge National Lab, 2nd-use.

Navya-ArmaAutonomous shuttle: French Navya‘s autonomous electric mini bus has caught the eye of the Swiss. Public transport provider PostBus intends to deploy two of the EVs in the city of Sion in a joint project with EPFL and start-up BestMile. The trial is said to run until spring 2016 without passengers and on a closed site.

3D-printed EV: Local Motors presents its next electric car fresh from the 3D-printers at SEMA. The LM3D Swim will become the world’s first serial “printed” EV and will go on sale in spring 2016 for about 53,000 dollars.,,

3D-printed EV motors: Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using 3D printing to produce active components of advanced prototype traction motors for electric and hybrid vehicles. The aim is to accelerate testing and production processes.

Revived: The 13 MWh energy storage project using old electric Smart batteries is fully operational since yesterday. It is the largest second-life project to date. The facility was built by Daimler, Getec Energie, and The Mobility House in the German town of Lünen (we reported).,


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