Jet Ski, Nissan, LLNL, Enevate.

Electric-Jetski-UWAElectric jet ski: Students from the University of Western Australia have developed a prototype of an electric jet ski. The trick was to make everything watertight, so the mini speedboat can race for about 30 minutes with its 50 kW motor. Throttle control and weight distribution are still being tweaked. Can you already imagine that beach holiday without those noisy, dirty jet skis that rumble on the shorelines?,,

Autonomously through Tokyo: Nissan dared to sent journalists in its self-driving Leaf through live traffic in Japan’s capital. Chris Paukert found that the technology – which according to Nissan is easier incorporated into an EV – has made “dramatic progress.” Sean Carson, too, praised the Japanese carmaker as one of the “major pioneers” when it comes to autonomy, as no major incidents occurred. (Paukert), (Carson)

Hydrogen treatment: Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found that graphene nanofoam anodes in lithium-ion batteries show a higher capacity and faster transport when treated with hydrogen.The treatment might improve rate capacity of other graphene-based materials as well.

Ultrafast charging: Enevate announced a feature to charge its batteries to 90 percent in 15 minutes. At the same time, the Californian company claims that its silicon-dominant composite anodes lead to a 25-50% increase in energy density (we reported). So far, the batteries are marketed for mobile devices only.


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