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BMW 5 PHEV from 2017: The new BMW 5 series is set for launch in mid-2017 and Autobild confirms that it will include a plug-in hybrid version as previously presumed. The PHEV comes with the usual hybrid range of 50 km and will make its first public appearance in Paris next year. (in German), (premiere)

Energica-EvaEgo and Eva: Energica presents its second electric motorcycle at the Milan Show. The new bike called Eva will join the Ego machine at a not yet specified on-sale date. As a streetfighter, Eva comes with 95bhp (70 kW) and a battery said to last for 124 miles if ridden in eco mode.,

Electric SUV from Oz: Red Automotive Technologies plans to develop an electric SUV with serious off-road capabilities. While the start-up is looking for funding, it aims to build 75,000 units in Australia over the next ten years with potentially 5,000 to be exported to the USA, Europe, or the Middle East. Targeted price is 85,000 dollars.

Several sound delays: The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) again delays its quiet car ruling that would require electric and hybrid cars to emit audio alerts at low speeds. A ruling and thus compliance has been pushed back repeatedly due to coordination issues, but is now expected in March.

EVs for Eastern Europe: Bulgaria reserved 1m BGN (5.4m dollars) to acquire electric cars for civil servants and hopes the measure will inspire citizens to mirror the government. Ukraine, on the other hand, has exempted electric vehicles from import duty. (Bulgaria), (Ukraine)

VW Jetta Hybrid review: The power is in the detail, finds Larry E. Hall, as he marvels at the “combination of an internal combustion engine, forced air induction and an electric motor,” making the Jetta the only turbocharged hybrid. It thus uses less mpg in the city than on the highway.


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