Dec 1, 2015 - 09:25 am

China, Leipzig, Tesla, GreenPower, Volvo.

China charges ahead: The recently decided guideline on Development of EV charging Infrastructure calls for 4.8 million individual charge points by 2020, as well as 12,000 large charging stations. Some 3,850 will be reserved for electric buses, another 2,500 for electric taxis.,

Electrified Leipzig: The German city of Leipzig, home to the BMW production plant for the i-series, received 50 BMW all-electric i3. The electric cars are being leased over two years and will be used by i.e. the local utility company and local government itself. BMW will also aid the city in further developing its charging infrastructure., (articles in German)

Supercharger coming soon: Tesla updated its map of European Supercharger locations and space is getting tight. Development is said to continue quickly. Many locations in central Europe as well as in Spain, Finland and even Tukey are marked with “opening soon.” via

E-bus for Canada: GreenPower will lease its EVC550 all-electric double decker to The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and CVS Cruise Victoria in Canada. The bus is expected to be delivered by April and will be part of a pilot programme. There is a purchase option after three years.

Volvo heads to India: Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) will kick off a pilot project with Volvo hybrid buses in the first half of next year. The buses will be manufactured in the company’s facility in Bengaluru. Volvo is the first company to bring hybrid bus technology to India.,


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