University of Texas, Audi, Porsche, Panasonic, Xkuty One.

Recycled energy: Researchers from Texas are working on piezoelectric sensors that can be used to harvest energy created by moving cars on roadways. The energy can be used to power traffic lights and even EV charging stations. The project is funded by the Texas Department of Transportation with 1.32m dollars.

Porsche-919-Hybrid-2015Le Mans scale down: In the interest of reducing cost, Audi and Porsche announced that they will enter only two instead of three cars at the Le Mans 24 race in 2016. This comes as the VW continues to cut spending across the board in the wake of the emission scandal.

Panasonic launches e-bike in Japan: The Bibi ELE-432 features a 16 Ah Li-ion battery, allowing for a total driving range of up to 88 km. If the rider switches to power mode, range is estimated at 54 km. The e-bike is not a light weight, however, ranging from 28 to 32 kg.,

Optimised e-scooter: The revamped Xkuty One can go 97 km on one charge. A first version of the Spanish-built electric scooter was first introduced in 2013. The company is now looking for funds for the two-wheeler and the solar-powered charger Spark., (crowdfunding campaign)

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