Nissan + BMW, India, H2 Logic, Oregon, Autohom.

Nissan-BMW charging alliance: The two auto makers are working together in building up fast-charging infrastructure in the U.S. Some 120 locations have reportedly been fitted with 50 kW DC-chargers. CCS and CHAdeMO exist there side by side. No wonder that other countries are longingly looking at America…

Indian e-bus: The country has presented its first retrofitted electric bus, which previously sported a diesel engine. By March, another ten diesel buses will be converted within the scope of a new pilot project.

H2 stations in Denmark: H2 Logic already received its fourth order for a hydrogen filling station from Danish Hydrigen Fuel (DHF). Starting 2016, the latter wants to operate five H2-fuelling stations across the country. The newest order was for the city of Esbjerg.

Oregon wants incentives: On the website, there is currently a petition under way, with Oregon residents demanding a 2,500 dollar sales incentive when purchasing an EV or plug-in hybrid. The U.S. state offers only a 25 percent tax credit for the installation of charging stations. via

Ten e-Mercedes for York: Leasing and rental firm Autohom has added ten Mercedes B-class Electric Drive to its fleet in the city of York. The company continues to go green(er), having already installed six charge points and owning plug-in hybrid cars.


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