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Faraday-Future-FFZERO1-620Faraday Future premiers concept car: FF took the wraps off its electric sportscar FFZERO1 ahead of the CES in Las Vegas. The car only has space for the driver and boasts 1,000 hp. It is basically an all-electric Batmobil, which will never make it to serial production in its current form. A peak under the hood is still worthwhile. The so-called Virable Platform Architecture (VPA) is said to allow FF to quickly build a number of different EVs. According to German newspaper Die Welt, the start-up will make shore in Europe as well, founding the FF Europe GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany.
theverge.com (with videos), welt.de (in German)

Tesla reaches full year target: Tesla Motors delivered a total of 50,580 vehicles this past year, reaching its recently adjusted sales target of 50,000 units. A total of 17,192 Model S were sold in the fourth quarter alone, and a mere 208 Model X. The carmaker says it since increased production to 238 Model X per week.
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Chevy Volt upgrade: Chevy already plans minor updates to its recently introduced second generation Volt. The new version will be 100 dollars more expensive than the 2016 model and will be available across the United States. The current version is only available in some states.
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Toyota still shuns plug: Chinese joint venture FAW Toyota announced that more than half of its 17 vehicles planned for the coming five years will be offered as a hybrid variant. However, none as a plug-in. Hybrids are said to account for 30 percent of FAW Toyota’s sales by 2020.

Vmoto eyes China: Australian electric scooter manufacturer Vmoto is partnering with PowerEagle in China. The joint venture plans to produce some 100,000 e-scooter next year, increasing annually production to 450,000 units thereafter. The joint venture also guarantees Vmoto a distribution network with more than 200 locations.

No rebates for the rich: From March, California will see social rebates. Those earning more than 500,000 dollars (250,000 for singles) will be excluded from the subsidy for EVs and PHEVs. Households making less than 60,270 dollars per year will get 1,500 USD more from the state.
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