Feb 9, 2016 - 08:39 am

Tesla, Supercharger, Dubai, Mahindra, North Somerset.

Tesla to support CHAdeMO and SAE: The EV maker is working on an inter-protocol charging adapter that would enable both CHAdeMO and SAE J1772, patent applications reveal. Tesla is also looking into sharing its Supercharger network with other carmakers and add the European standard plug.
electrek.co, patents.justia.com (patent application)

Free green charging: Tesla cooperates with Swedish utility Skellefteå Kraft to supply all 14 Supercharger in Sweden with renewables energy only. Furthermore, the agreement includes free green home charging for up to 45,000 km over three years for Swedish Tesla owners.

Hybrid cab fleet: Half of the taxis will be hybrid in Dubai by 2021, says the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). At the moment, there are 150 hybrid cabs in the desert state, but that number will increase to 4,750 over the next five years. This year alone, 791 cabs will be hybridised.
gulfnews.com, khaleejtimes.com

Indian inductive charging: General Electric has developed wireless charging technology for Mahindra, which was reportedly demonstrated for the e20 Sport concept. Charging with 3.3 kW, the system’s efficiency is given at 92 percent.

More chargers for Britain: North Somerset will more than double EV charging points from 22 to 50. The upgrade is made possible because of a 1.3m pound grant from the UK Government’s Office of Low Emissions.


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