Mirrow Provocator, VeloMetro, City-Mobil2, Porsche.

Mirrow-ProvocatorSmall and smart I: From Russia comes the Mirrow Provocator, a very compact city car. Its cubistic design (more or less 2m x 2m x 2m) allows room for four plus luggage with access provided through the rear. While it is a concept at the moment, hybrid and electric drives are being considered.

Small and smart II: Canadian VeloMetro presented a pedelec prototype designed for sharing. The Veemo is an enclosed 120 kg electric tricycle. While users have to pedal, an electric motor assists the rider up to a speed of 32 kph -an ideal velocity in urban traffic and within regulatory limits that allow driving without a licence. Targeted range is 100 km and once the rental system is set up, prices could start at 28 cent/minute.
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Autonomous electric bus: Basque Donostia-San Sebastián has been selected as a testing ground of a self-driving electric bus for three months as part of the EU project City-Mobil2. The EV sits twelve passengers and will run at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park until the end of June.

Porsche reveals WEC motor: The 919 Hybrid dominated last season’s WEC. Now, Porsche showed images of the victorious hybrid motor for the first time. The turbo charged four-cylinder and an electric drive at the front axle charged with a Li-ion battery counted for 660 kW power.


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