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SK Innovation, Techrules, Google, Sea Bubbles.

Mercedes with SK cells: Korean SK Innovation says it secured a contract to supply battery cells for Mercedes plug-in models from 2017. Other than it being a “large-scale project” involving multiple models, no more details have been revealed yet. Kia and BAIC are also customers of SK.
reuters.com, greencarcongress.com, koreatimes.co.kr

Turbine EV: Over 1,000 miles on one charge sounds impossible, but China-based Techrules claims that its electric racer can do just that. Power is given at 768 kW, reached with a turbine recharging system, whose inner workings are yet to be revealed. The super car concept is scheduled to debut in Geneva this spring.
autocar.co.uk, carscoops.com

Google search: The company hunts for a location for its new R&D centre. The facility will concentrate on autonomous driving technology, so it makes sense the internet firm is scouting Detroit, Michigan, rather than its native California. Google is looking for at least 30,000 sq feet for its lab.
autonews.com, autoblog.com

Hover boats: Paris is to trial autonomous electric boats hovering above the Seine. The Sea Bubbles derive their name from their encapsulated nature. Only four “marine wings” touch the water, while the boats float above much like a catamaran. With a speed of up to 18 kph they will take passengers, eventually without a captain on board. If testing is successful this summer, the water cabs could be launched by 2017.
inverse.com, thelocal.fr


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