Vanda Electric, HyBalance, TU Munich, South Korea.

DendrobiumSupercar from Singapore: New pictures and specs about the electric supercar by Vanda Electric and Williams Advanced Engineering (we reported) have been released. The Dendrobium is said to boast 1,100 kW and 4,000 Nm torque, be able to hit 400 kph and have a range of 400 km. The model will probably not be cheap…

Hydrogen from wind: The HyBalance plant currently being built in Denmark will be Europe’s largest power-to-gas plant to use wind energy for the production of hydrogen. The latter will be used to fuel FCVs. Air Liquide is involved in the 15m euro project. The company already operates five H2 filling stations in the country.

Fast battery tests: Researchers at TU Munich have developed a technique with which EV batteries can be tested more quickly. Instead of taking eight hours, this method will cut testing times down to 20 minutes. A patent for the technology is pending.

Against protectionism: South Korea will file an official complaint against China for the decision to only subsidise lithium iron phosphate batteries, saying it discriminates against South Korean companies (we reported). The issue will be on the table during bilateral trade talks next month.


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