Volvo, Supercharger, Tuk Tuk Cartel, Zap-Map.

Volvos for Belgium: Volvo has received an order for 11 hybrid buses and two charging stations from the Belgium city of Namur. It is a turn-key solution, meaning Volvo is also in charge of servicing the buses and chargers, as well as battery maintenance. The chargers will be supplied by company ABB,

Supercharger galore: Tesla is currently working on its biggest Supercharger site located in the city of Fremont, California, which will feature 20 Supercharger stalls. The site is located just south of the Tesla factory, where there is another possibility to plug in.

Tuk-tuk taxi: New Zealand capital Wellington has a new ride service. Tuk Tuk Cartel will shuttle tourists to see all the major sites in town. One ride along the scenic route will cost around 25 to 30 NZD.

Zap-Map update: The UK’s leading charge point app now includes ‘Zap Chat,’ a community update facility where EV drivers can note if they charged successfully, or update a charger’s status and give other users the heads up. The app currently shows 3,800 charging locations.,


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