Lawrence Slade, Karl Brauer, Chun Taekmo.

Lawrence-Slade“No one wants to be running the next Nokia.”

Lawrence Slade, CEO of Energy UK, on the lobby’s recent U-turn towards renewable energies. The group now supports a move away from fossil fuels, including phasing-out coal-fired power stations.

Karl-Brauer“It isn’t just being stuck somewhere without a charger, it’s also being stuck at a charger for a long time.”

Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, reveals himself to be a true sceptic when it comes to electric transport due to charging times. He went on saying that to believe in Tesla is to be stuck in a “fantasyland,” but admits that “it’s a great place to be.”

anonym“China’s alleged decision is nothing but protectionism. The technology of the Chinese producers is lagging behind that of LG Chem and Samsung SDI. In the long term, the Chinese makers can’t win.”

Chun Taekmo, a chief fund manager of Hyundai Investments Co., continues the Korean chain of complaints against China’s recent decision to only subsidise LFP chemistry batteries, favoured by Chinese manufacturers. The issue will reportedly be discussed at bilateral trade talks this month.


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