Mar 7, 2016 - 09:23 am

USA, Manchester, ViriCiti + Simacan, BYD, H2 Logic.

U.S. cities go electric: Eight cities near Sacramento, CA, and Atlanta, GA, have formed the Energy Secure Cities Coalition (ESCC). They plan to include only alternative drivetrains in official city fleets. The coalition hopes to expand to include 25 cities and replace some 50,000 petrol-powered cars.

Manchester to clean the air: As the city will not meet EU limits by 2020 under current conditions, Manchester has proposed an action plan. Measures included increasing the number of low emission buses, promoting EV uptake, possibly implementing Clean Air Zones in the city and improving cycling infrastructure.

EV fleet tool: ViriCiti and Simacan will work together to develop a new online-tool for fleet managers. The so-called EV Fleet Analyser is said to calculate an EV’s exact energy consumption based on traffic data, weather and topography and help plan the most efficient route.,

BYD update: BYD plans to begin producing its electric buses in India in corporation with company Smart Dreams. Meanwhile, the Chinese have been awarded a contract from the Canadian province of Alberta. Three electric buses will go into service in the city of St. Albert this autumn. (India), (Canada)

New hydrogen filling station: H2 Logic has delivered another H2-fuelling station in Denmark. Located in Kolding, it is not far from the German city of Hamburg, making cross-border travel in an FCV more feasible. This is Denmark’s ninth station that is open 24/7.,


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