Mar 11, 2016 - 09:39 am

Charging corridor, Swiftly, Volkswagen, Renault, Denver.

From Quebec to Main: Quebec, Canada, and Portland in Maine, U.S. are looking to build more EV charging stations between them. When finalised in summer, the corridor will see another 220 charging stations being added, thus connecting the Canadian and U.S. cities.

Electric trip planning: Urban transport app Swiftly includes the electric vehicles offered by Scoot Networks in San Francisco. Users can now compare travel time and price of the on-demand EVs with public transport, walking, cycling or even Uber.

Plug-in partner: After Volvo, Volkswagen is the second carmaker turning to Pod Point to supply British EV owners with home charging facilities. The EV infrastructure provider’s service also includes the installation of a charging station at the workplace.,

Free home charger: Renault says it will stick with its UK offer. Every new Zoe customer will receive a fully-installed fast-charging wallbox (7 kW) free of charge. The British government changed its plug-in grant scheme, but electric vehicles continue to benefit from the highest level of support.,

EV ready building: Denver’s new building code requires planners to accommodate for electric vehicle charging. Wiring has to be ready to charge electric cars in single homes and duplexes. The rule is also designed to also make it easier to renovate old homes rather than to demolish them.


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