Mar 11, 2016 - 09:39 am

Pedelec Adventures, Chevy Volt, Events.

Video tip: A 20,000 km tour from Glasgow to Cape Town on electric bikes has kicked off. This video shows the first leg of the E-Bike Africa tour by Pedelec Adventures that saw two enthusiasts riding from Scotland to the COP21 in Paris to raise awareness of climate change and electric transport.

Reading tip: Matthew DeBord believes the Chevy Volt is the perfect car and wonders why everyone praises the Prius as a Pioneer. Needless to say that he likes the second-gen Volt even better.

Upcoming events: Formula E, Round 5 (March 12; Mexico City) ++ Technical Congress; Environment, Energy and Electric Mobility, Vehicle Safety and Electronics (March 17-18; Ludwigsburg, Germany)
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