Mar 29, 2016 - 08:18 am

Tesla, UK, Evercar, South Korea, Aberdeen.

1,000 Tesla for Holland: Even though the Model 3 has not even been introduced yet, the Dutch EV leasing company MisterGreen and utility NLE say they want to reserve 1,000 units once stores open on March 31st. They hope that this way, Tesla will prioritise the Netherlands in terms of the Model 3 delivery schedule.

Adjusting UK funding scheme? The UK government considers reviewing its recently renewed funding scheme for electric and plug-in vehicles in one year, instead of just when it runs out in 2018. The reason is the rapid rise of registrations in the first three months of 2016.

Evercar expands: The LA-based electric vehicle sharing company that rents to customers driving for Uber, Lyft and others, announced a rapid expansion. It wants to increase the number of EVs in its fleet from currently 43 to 1,000 in the coming months.

Convenient chargers in Korea: GS Retail of Korea, part of the major conglomerate GS Group, wants to install electric vehicle charging stations as part of its convenience stores. The project will begin on Jejudo Island and expand across the nation gradually.

Aberdeen FCV expansions: The Aberdeen City Council and Co-wheels car club added four Hyundai’s ix35 FCVs to its fleet, bringing the total number of Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cells up to 15 nationwide. The cars will be available to the public through a pay-as-you-go plan, and to businesses for trial purposes.


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