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Charging station valets: Tesla’s busy charging stations in California have been outfitted with “attendants.” Officially, these Charging Experience Specialists are supposed to inform and assist users, but some customers report attendants taking over for drivers when stalls are occupied. Moreover, Tesla will soon begin rolling out its Destination Charger programme in Europe. First hotels in Scandinavia are said to have already taken delivery.
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Carsharing in the UAE: Early-stage start-up MyCars hopes to bring carsharing to the UAE, using a mixed fleet of EVs and petrol cars. Serious negotiations to procure vehicles are underway, and they expect to utilise 200 cars in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by 2018. If successful, they will also completely electrify the fleet by 2020.

Minnesota legislature: A proposal in Minnesota has gained bi-partisan support to give rebates of up to 2,500 dollars to those who buy or lease a new electric or plug-in car. It would also require public utility companies to create programs for encouraging electric vehicle usage, and to construct charging stations. Incentives would expire in 2021.

Hodgson Sayers: UK building and roofing firm Hodgson Sayers invested 300,000 pounds in a hybrid company car fleet. The company completely overhauled their original fleet, replacing it with eleven plug-in Golf GTes and a Mercedes 350E. In the same spirit, the Gloucestershire police force has taken on seven EVs, and, according to Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl, they won’t be the last.
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