LG Chem, Samsung SDI, FEV, China, Kurt.

Suppliers see surge: Battery suppliers gear up for further growth in the EV and hybrid segment at the Smart Energy Week in Japan. LG Chem says it will reach the 100 dollar/kWh by 2022, and already supplied battery cells for about 500,000 hybrid and electric vehicles to date. Samsung forecasts EV demand to quadruple within the decade, resulting in demand for battery cells with a combine capacity of 61.6 GWh by 2020.

48 Volt tech: FEV will present its 48-Volt technology at the 2016 SAE World Congress in Detroit this week. Engineers chose a Mercedes AMG A45 to carry the mild hybrid system for demonstration purposes, also installing a 48V E-Charger. The latter improves transient response and low-end torque.

Low-cost lithium battery: The aluminium-graphite dual-ion battery (AGDIB) developed by researchers at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, offers more energy at a lower cost. The power pack exhibits a capacity of around 100 mAh g-1 and a retention of 88 percent after 200 charge-discharge cycles, while production cost is down by up to 50%.

Meet KURT: It is a modular and scalable electric vehicle for urban applications that was developed by Altreonic. Different modules placed on an alloy super structure transform KURT from a one-seater to a mini transporter and even shuttle train. The Flanders-based company will present KURT at the IDTechEx conference in Berlin at the end of April.


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