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BMWi3-Protonic-Blue-300i3 battery upgrade official: From July, the BMW i3 will be available with a 33 kWh battery pack. The option (which can also be retrofitted) will cost an extra 1,200 euros and should increase range to 300 km according to NEFZ. BMW says that even in bad weather or with AC and heater running, the new variant can go up to 200 km. A version with range extender is also available. Moreover, the Bavarians will offer a more powerful Wallbox.,,

Zbee to conquer India: Swedish manufacturer Clean Motion wants to invest 10m dollars in India over the next three years. The goal is to set up an assembly facility for its three-wheeled, all-electric Zbee, as well as its circulation as last mile solution in the country. The company hopes to get 2,200 units on the road in India by 2019.

Touch down in Phoenix: Following a one week break in California, the Solar Impulse 2 has landed in Phoenix, Arizona. The 745 mile flight took nearly 16 hours to complete, at an average speed of 43.58 mph (70.15 kph). As soon as the weather permits, the solar-powered plane will take off for its next leg across the United States.

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No seconds! Despite Tesla saying it was not possible to begin with, some people managed to reserve more than two Model 3 at a time, which could technically lead to stock speculation. Elon Musk now announced that these kinds of double reservations were being sought out and deleted. But only 0.2 percent of the 400,000 reservations are concerned.,

Tesla Model X P90D reviewed: Bloomberg tested the all-electric SUV for 340 miles along the California coast, even on the beach! One thing they noted is that the battery display does not adjust accordingly, letting drivers believe they have more juice left then they do. But since the car finds the nearest Supercharger, even that was not too big a deal. (with video)

EV addition from Italy: Italian design company Umberto Palermo announced that it will show two electric cars at the Turin Motor Show in June. Next to the 212 kW Luce Concept Coupé with 370 Nm of torque and a 340 km range, it will also show a tuned version of a Tesla Model S.


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