Jun 1, 2016 - 08:17 am

UK, Paris, Fastned, Japan, Tesla, Tatneft.

UK businesses top plug in? The British government may have a subsidy programme for EV chargers at workplaces up its sleeve. At least Chargemaster CEO David Martell says they do. Details about the amount and organization will be announced at an official meeting in July.

Electric bus route in Paris: With line 341, the French capital has kicked off its first all-electric bus route. A total of 23 e-buses from Bolloré will go into service until the end of the year.
automobile-propre.com, lefigaro.fr (articles in French)

Fastned gets competition: Dutch utility NLE wants to set up its first fast-charger along the A13 motorway in June. It also teamed up with EV leasing company MisterGreen to reserve 1,000 Tesla Model 3, hoping the carmaker will prioritise the Netherlands in terms of the Model 3 delivery schedule (we reported).
groen7.nl, rtlz.nl (articles in Dutch)

H2 push in Japan: According to Nikkei, automotive and energy companies in Japan are looking to form a joint venture to push for more hydrogen filling stations in the country. Toyota, Nissan and Honda are part of the team. Investments could reach over 90m dollars and the Japanese government has agreed to generously subsidise the effort.

Tesla’s mobile charger: After the Wall Connector, the EV maker also reworked its Mobile Connector charging cable. It only has half of the wallbox’s charging capacity, but is portable and can be connected to different outlets. Moreover, Tesla cut the price to about 550 dollars – 100 dollars less, than before.

Fast-charging at the pump: Russian oil company Tatneft has fitted its first petrol station with a rapid charger for electric vehicles. Tatneft operates nearly 700 petrol stations in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. It is unclear whether it will set up EV charging points at other stations as well.


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