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Renault starts e-carsharing: Working with GreenMobility, the French are kicking off an international electric carsharing scheme. 450 Renault Zoe will hit the roads of Copenhagen in September. An expansion to Norway and Sweden is also in the cards. Copenhagen seems to be a preferred playground for emobility – DriveNow already offers 400 BMW i3 in the city. (in German), (in Danish)

Supercharging won’t be for free: Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Model 3 drivers will not be able to plug in for free, as drivers of the Model S and X do. For them, the option had already been figured into the total price of the vehicle, while Model 3 drivers can purchase lifetime access or pay as they go.,

Edinburgh goes EV: The Scottish capital has signed a four-year contract with Enterprise Car Club to launch an electric carsharing scheme. Kick-off is July 1st, when at least 12 electric cars will become available to share.,

Electric chauffeur: Australian chauffeur service Evoke only uses Tesla Model S to drive clients around Sydney. It currently has four of the luxury EVs that have already driven more than 200,000 km. Once the Model X becomes available Down Under, Evoke says it will expand its fleet.

First results: For 18 months now, Toyota has been testing its e-carsharing using the i-ROAD and COMS in French Grenoble. Over 1,000 users have signed up and the satisfaction rate is said to be 92 percent. Moreover, the average trip is only 5 km, a piece of cake for the tiny EVs that can drive between 35 to 50 km on one charge.,


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