H2ME 2, RWE, Scotland, EVO Car Share, Zero.

New H2 lighthouse project: As part of the six-year, EU-funded project Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 (H2ME 2), 37 partners want to get no less than 1,230 fuel cell vehicles on the road and erect 20 hydrogen filling stations. The H2ME 2 is the extension of the H2ME 1 project, launched in 2015, which wants to deploy 325 fuel cell vehicles and set up 29 H2 fuelling stations.

Combo-package for home chargers: RWE announced the unveiling of a system that will connect solar panels with an intelligent charging management system for EVs at the Intersolar next week. The package includes a solar power system from Heckert or Aleo, a battery storage system form Homepower Storage flex, the management system RWE Smarthome, as well as a wallbox for EVs.
pv-magazine.de, iwr.de (articles in German)

Pushing EV uptake: Scotland earmarked 7.8m pounds to offer interest free loans to anyone interested in buying an EV. Individuals can qualify for up to 35,000 pounds, business for up to 100,000 pounds. Loan applications will be accepted through March 31th, 2017, or until the funds run out.

Evo Car Share expands: The Canadian provider expanded its operating area in Vancouver and added 750 Toyota Prius to its fleet. Evo Car Share is the city’s only provider that has a full fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Zero for police: The Maple Valley Police Department in the U.S. state of Washington has bought to motorcycles from Zero. The vehicles will mostly be used by officers on duty in parks.


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