Jaguar, China, Schaeffler, Heuliez Bus.

Range-Rover-Hybrid-LWBWill Jaguar build its own batteries? Together with Land Rover, the Brits are considering setting up a battery factory for their own emobility strategy, says The Times. Hundreds of pounds could be invested in the project. Whether the facility would be set up in the UK or a more cost effective region is still not clear.

Korean batteries excluded: The Chinese government is apparently going through with its plan (we reported), and will not subsidise EVs with battery packs from LG Chem or Samsung SDI. A list of companies subject to financial perks has been published – and does not include the Korean manufactures. Even though the latter have invested heavily in Chinese market in recent years.

Variable transmission for hybrids: Schaeffler has developed a CVT (continuously variable transmission) for plug-in hybrids. It features a parallel arrangement of the variator and the direct gear stage for the electric drive, is compact and has a low energy loss, allowing for more all-electric range and lower fuel consumption.

French battery alliance: Manufacturer Heuliez Bus is working with battery specialist Forsee Power in developing and producing a new battery system. It will be used for the all-electric Heuliez GX 337, which will be tested in Paris from July.


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