Jun 30, 2016 - 07:43 am

Honda, Ricardo, Nissan, UQM Technologies.

Battery recycling network: Honda plans to recycle power packs from its hybrid vehicles in the whole of Japan as it seeks a permit to collect and process industrial waste. A prototype plant is to be build within the next three years together with Tohoku University and Japan Metals & Chemicals, and the partners hope to recover up to 80 percent of the rare metals. Once the system is in working order, battery intake centres will be set up in all prefectures.

ADEPTAdapted mild hybrid: Ricardo and partners in the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) project said, three years of testing and optimisation have led to a mild hybrid ready to meet ultra low emission standards. The 48V technology that is utilised in a Ford Focus will be shown at the LCV2016.
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Fuel cell REx: Nissan plans to utilise its novel SOFC, that produces hydrogen from ethanol on-board as range extender for electric vans. The project is being driven by two UK partners, Ceres Power and M-Solv, and 772,000 GBP funding from Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

Driving partners: UQM Technologies is to be controlled by the Hybrid Kinetic Group (HKG) as the latter invests 48m dollars through its subsidiary American Compass. The deal will give the Chinese battery and vehicle manufacturer 58 percent of UQM shares, while UQM hopes to expand its business to China.


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