Electric buses, Seoul, Disney World, Express Drive, Fuel Cell.

E-bus buying community: The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) and Hamburg’s Hochbahn are looking to join forces when it comes to purchasing electric buses. Larger orders could help lower the price per unit and could inspire more innovation. Transport authorities in other cities are invited to join.
morgenpost.de (in German)

Seoul recharges: The South Korean capital has increased incentives for EV buyers from 12 to 14m won, so by about 1,800 dollars. Moreover, from this year, EVs qualify for tax reductions and lower insurance rates, city tolls and parking fees. The country wants to set up 30,000 AC chargers and fast-chargers every two kilometres in and around Seoul by 2020.

Happiest place on earth: Shanghai’s Disney World will offer electric carsharing with 100 SAIC EVs for visitors, as well as an electric shuttle service with another 100 electric vehicles.
shanghaidaily.com, greencarreports.com

New frontiers: Lyft and GM want to expand their ridesharing programme Express Drive to San Francisco from this summer, followed by LA and Denver in autumn. The service uses the Chevy Volt and Bolt and is already active in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

H2 testing phase prolonged: In a second phase, Hyundai and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are extending their “fuel cell vehicle program” from Southern to Norther California, as well as Washington D.C, Michigan and Denver. Hyundai provides its Tucson Fuel Cell, the DOE the technology for hydrogen fuelling pumps.


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