Jul 13, 2016 - 08:44 am

Honda, Yamaha, Solar Impulse, XL Hybrids.

Rare-earth free motors: Honda and Daido Steel have developed a neodymium magnet for the motor of its hybrid vehicles, for which it will not need heavy rare-earth minerals. The Honda Freed will be the first to feature the new technology when it hits the road this autumn.
bloomberg.com, greencarcongress.com, honda.com

Yamaha-autonomous-eboatSelf-driving electric boat: Yamaha has developed an autonomous electric vessel called BREEZE10. The 0.5 kW electric motor is powered by a 20 AH Li-ion battery that also supports the 1.6 kW onboard generator. That way, the ship can set out on its own for up to six hours.
gizmag.com, yamaha-motor.com

Almost there: The Solar Impulse 2 is set to land in Cairo today after a 50-hour flight from Seville. It is the solar-powered plane’s second to last leg before finishing its circumvention of the globe.
electricvehiclesresearch.com, solarimpulse.com

XL Hybrids qualifies for HVIP: In California, fleets that use GE vans equipped with a XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System now qualify for 2,500 dollar voucher under the Heavy Duty Voucher Incentive Project (HIVP). XL Hybrids offers conversions of the General Motors 2500 and 3500 vans.

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