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PlugSurfing in Croatia: The Croatian Telekom is now cooperating with the Berlin-based start-up. By the end of July, all 50 of the country’s charger will be included in and made accessible via the PlugSurfing App. Charging will even be free until the end of the year.

The future of electrified fleets: A survey by Sewells Research & Insight for its Fleet Market Report 2016 shows that fleet managers in the UK expect the number of EVs to grow only by an average of 1.5 percent next year and 2.5 percent in 2018. Most expect more range, shorter charging times and points.

Calling all chargers: Led by the country’s environmental ministry and company KT Linkus, South Korea is converting old telephone booths to rapid-chargers. The first nine chargers in Seoul, Daegu and Suncheon will go live today. Another 20 are said to follow every year.

No deal to show for: A few days ago, BYD announced an order for 2,919 electric buses for the city Shenzhen. A large part of the order (2,228 10 metre buses) has now been cancelled. It is not clear why. BYD only talked of a “capacity adjustment” in its announcement to the stock markets.

EV platform: For the international expansion of its online platform for electric buses and trucks, ViriCiti has now collected 700,000 euros. Investors include KLM, TU Delft and the Dutch railway. Moreover, BYD, Proterra and Optera are already part of ViriCiti’s customer base.


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