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Tesla, Fraunhofer ISC, Evatran, India.

Tesla-AutopilotAutopilot updates: Since the fatal accident with Tesla’s Autopilot, news keep coming in. Now, the U.S. Senate has asked Elon Musk to answer a few questions in person. Europe remains calm so far as the Dutch authority that approved the feature in the first place has “no safety concerns” given users would understand it as a driver assist system and not a self-driving system. A driver from Pennsylvania claiming the Autopilot was active in an accident was proven wrong.
autoblog.com (U.S. Senate), electrek.co (Europe), insideevs.com (Pennsylvania)

Next-gen battery material: The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC and Hydro-Québec will research and develop novel lithium-ion and lithium-air battery materials for electric transport applications. Their focus is on inorganic solid electrolytes, in particular glass-ceramic electrolytes.

American chargers for China: Evatran and Zhejiang VIE Science and Technology Company (VIE), have formed a joint venture. VIE is to integrate Evatran’s wireless EV charging technology Plugless into its existing OEM network in China. It will become available there by 2017.

Hybrid kits allowed: India’s government has permitted retrofitting of old vehicles to turn them into hybrids. It now looks to certify manufacturers of such kits and authorise installers as well.
indiatimes.com, overdrive.in

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