Tesla, TUfast Eco Team, USABC, Kyburz.

Autopilot improvements: Tesla is working to adapt existing self-driving technology to improve functionality. According to Musk, engineers work on adapting the radar to make a map like lidar (visible light detection and ranging). According to Bosch, the update for the radar sensors could be send over the air. New Tesla models already come with a casing that will eventually hold a second camera.
autoblog.com (lidar), lasvegassun.com (software), electrek.co (camera housing)

World’s most efficient racer: Student of the TUfast Eco Teams from TU Munich, set a new efficiency record. Their ultra-thin, electric race trike used 81.16 KJ energy over 100 kilometres – that converts to 11,000 km on one litre of petrol.
sueddeutsche.de (in German)

Ford & GM foster battery development: USABC, a partnership of FCA, Ford and GM, is funding SiNode Systems with 4m dollars. The aim is to develop silicon-graphene anode materials for automotive lithium-ion battery cells over 30 months.
chicagotribune.com, insideevs.com, greencarcongress.com

Fun racer from Switzerland: Kyburz delivers details on its electric cart eRod. With Race specc, it has 150 kW of power and a weight of 650 kg, making it a powerful little thing. Stuffed with components from Swiss Brusa, it can travel over 135 miles with its 39 kWh battery. A price has yet to named.


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