Aug 4, 2016 - 08:38 am

Coup, straddling bus, Nissan, New Bedford.

Bosch electric scooter sharing update: As already reported, the automotive supplier is bringing the new sharing scheme COUP to the German capital, which it now officially presented. It will feature 200 Gogoro scooters with exchangeable batteries – which COUP will charge itself.,,

Straddling bus becomes reality: A prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) was officially presented in China. It literally drives above traffic and has room for 300 passengers. Testing will take place away from public roads in Qinhuangdao. The final version could have room for as many as 1.200 people.

Electrified future: According to a recent analysis by Nissan, the UK will have more chargers than petrol stations by 2020. That is, if the expansion of charging infrastructure and removal of filling stations continues at the same level as in the past few years.

Leading by example: The city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, now leases 19 Nissan Leaf. It now also operated a total of 27 EV charging stations, ten of which are publicly accessible and free of charge.


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