Skelton Technologies, ExxonMobil, JB Straubel, aluminium-air batteries.

Graphene ultracapacitors ready to launch: Skeleton Technologies has collected 13m euros in a new funding round, which it will use to bring its graphene ultracapacitors to the mass market. It is also looking to find a new client base, namely in Asia, as well as set up a production facility near the German city of Dresden from 2017.

Exxon goes new ways: Oil company ExxonMobil will invest 15m dollars in a joint research initiative with the University of Texas Austin. It will i.e. study integrating renewable energy sources in the energy mix, as well as battery technologies and grid modelling.

Tesla CTO stray: Co-founder and CTO JB Straubel has invested in start-up Axiom Energy, which makes energy storage for cooling systems. He says, he “likes batteries more than he likes cars” anyways. Or is this an indication about what the Masterplan, Part Trois will look like? Ok, probably not.,

Stable aluminium-air batteries: A research team from Russia and Israel says it was able to improve the performance of aluminium-air batteries significantly by adding flax straw extract to the alkaline solution. It is said to inhibit the corrosion of the aluminium anodes.


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