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Toyota, Geely, Audi, Revero, Tesla, Milestones.

Toyota taxi concept: The Japanese think ahead and present a cab for the future of Japan. It offers autonomous driving, wide sliding doors, and can sit a wheelchair. German Auto Motor Sport further reports the ‘Taxi of the Future’ will feature a hybrid LPG drive when it launches next year.,, (in German)

Strong growth: Geely plans to increase its production capacity more than five times from 150,000 to 850,000 cars. Electric vehicles will benefit as Geely aims for 90 percent of its output to be environmentally friendly by 2020. To manage that scale, the firm is to streamline existing facilities.

Electric Audi A7? A second generation Audi A7 Sportback has been spotted missing an exhaust pipe and a tank cap. That strongly suggest an EV in the making as does the front label that was covered. It is where Audi usually positions the charging port for its plug-ins.

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Karma renewal: Revero, the reborn Fisker Karma, is to hit the shelves of eight U.S. dealers and two stores in Canada already this year. Karma Automotive plans to produce 3,000 units of the luxury plug-in hybrid annually. They will cost around 100,000 dollars each.,

Tesla as good as new: The EV maker is offering 150 Model X as “new inventory vehicles” online, meaning their prices range from 84,000 to 119,000 dollars. The EVs have been used as test vehicles by Tesla before but just for a few miles. Aussies interesting in buying an entirely new Model X can now start saving as Tesla released pricing for all versions of the electric SUV. It will arrive down under this October and starts from 122,812 AUD (about 93,500 USD). via, (pricing Australia)

Milestones: More than 100,000 Chevy Volt have been sold in the USA to date. That is double the sales both the BMW i3 and Renault Zoe managed to reach worldwide. Yet, steady does it, and both the German and the French crossed the 50,000 unit mark, according to HybridCars. (Volt), (Zoe, i3)


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