Sep 12, 2016 - 08:42 am

Apple, Hyundai, Tesla, Delta-Q.

Apple update: The New York Times reports that Apple is already testing self-driving cars. Moreover, the paper has learned that with the project’s new focus on autonomy instead of electrification (we reported), dozens of people have left Project Titan.

Hyundai shows H2 prototype: Just like with the ix35, the South Koreans will again integrate a fuel cell and electric drivetrain in an existing model. This time, the H350 transporter will be transformed into a minivan, which will most likely boast around 100 kW and have a range of 160 km. It is only thought as a concept, however., (articles in German)

Manmade Tesla burn? It seems that the Tesla Model S that caught fire during a test drive in France last month (we reported), did so because of a bad electrical connection. Moreover, the carmaker found out that in this case, it had been mounted by a person and not the typical robot. More information has yet to be released.,

Li-ion kit: Delta-Q presented a lithium charger development kit for at the Battery Show in Novi, said to support the development of the lithium powertrain system. The kit is available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and battery management system (BMS) manufacturers, helping them integrate Li-ion batteries “into the next generation of products.”


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