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Renault, Magna, Ford, SiC inverter.

Renault-Twizy-AmbulanceE-Innovation challenge: Renault is the most innovative carmaker when it comes to e-mobility inventions over the last five years. The French beat Tesla. BMW, VW, and Daimler take the remaining top five, according to a study by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The analysts looked at 370 electric innovations of 19 global car manufacturers. In terms of plug-in hybrids, the Germans take the lead, namely VW and BMW, followed by Volvo-Geely.

iCar made by Magna? Apple’s venture into the automotive world is becoming clearer. No less than twelve engineers from Magna have relocated from Austria to Sunnyvale, California to work with Apple on project Titan, Bloomberg reports. Still, Graz may become the site of production.

Ford for the last mile: The CarrE is a four-wheeled electric mobility device. The little round platform fits the spare wheel recess and can be used as an “electric pedestrian assistant” or to carry loads. For the latter, it includes a follow-me function controlled via smartphone., (video)

Efficient SiC inverter: Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed an inverter for hybrid and electric vehicles made of silicon carbide (SiC). It has a power density of 12.1 kW/L, which brings it close to the target of 13.4 kW/L the DoE requires by 2020.


Kynar-battery-schema-Arkema-anzeige-klein-minKynar® PVDF grades have a successful 20-year legacy in the Lithium Ion batteries, as electrode binders and as separator coating, boosting batteries safety and lifetime. Driven by continued strong growth in the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles, Arkema increases the dedicated capacity of its Kynar® PVDF at its Changshu plant.
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