Oct 14, 2016 - 07:35 am

Klaus Fröhlich, Peter Hochholdinger, Lance Bradley.

Klaus-Froehlich“BMW will enter the fuel cell market early in the next decade, starting with very small production runs.”

BMW’s head of development Klaus Fröhlich gave only a rough estimate as the when the carmaker will focus on fuel cells. Though it won’t be before 2025, as costs are still too high and there is not enough infrastructure for market penetration.

Peter-Hochholdinger“The cars we build are about seven years beyond everything I’ve seen before, and it’s quite thrilling and exciting to be here and to be part of this car manufacturing group.”

Peter Hochholdinger, Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Production, is sure to have gotten his former employer to listen up. He had changed from Audi to Tesla a few months ago.

Lance-Bradley“Hopefully, sales will creep back up, and it’s a shame because the market is not established yet – it probably could have been done with another 12 months.”

Mitsubishi’s UK managing director Lance Bradley says that with the government grant cut in the UK in March and Brexit making it more expensive to import cars, it is becoming more difficult to sell the Outlander PHEV on the Isles.

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14.10.2016 07:28