Audi, Autopilot, Mitsubishi Chemical, BYD.

Audi to exit WEC? The 13-time Le Mans winner may withdraw from the World Endurance Championship altogether by the end of 2017, Autocar reports. In the light of news of Audi and Porsche working ever closer together (see above) pitting them against each other on a race course is indeed counterproductive. Rumours also suggest a stronger Audi engagement in the Formula E.

Tesla-AutopilotGermany warns of Autopilot: A letter warning German Tesla drivers to keep “unrestricted attention at all times” when driving in Autopilot was sent out by KBA. It follows the Transport Ministry’s view that the semi-autonomous function is a “considerable traffic hazard.” Testing resumes.,

Electrolyte JV: Mitsubishi Chemical and Ube Industries will merge their electrolyte operations in China by April next year in a 50:50 joint venture. Mitsubishi Chemical specialises in electrolyte for car batteries, while Ube mainly makes electrolyte for smartphones. Together, they hold 20% of the market.

BYD reaches for the sky, or for monorail as it opens the first SkyRail line at its HQ in Shenzhen. The first track is 4.4. km long but BYD says more than 20 cities have expressed interest in monorail for public transport. First is Shantou in Guangdong province, where BYD is to build a 250-km SkyRail.


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