Nov 2, 2016 - 08:28 am

Greenlion, Tesla, Stratosfuel Inc., Olli.

Battery project completed: The Greenlion project presented its achievements in the development of greener and cheaper batteries. Cell materials and components have been improved and module design optimised. Together with modern production methods, cost for batteries were indeed decreased without hampering energy density or safety., (project)

Tesla-DTesla battery ageing recorded: Over 500,000 miles can be driven with a single power pack, data gathered from 286 Model S owners shows. During the first 50,000 miles, most Tesla batteries will lose about 5 percent of their capacity before the degradation slows down further.

Hydrogen from renewables: StratosFuel Inc. and Hydrogenics Corporation entered into a strategic partnership to build a 2.5 MW Zero Impact Production (ZIP) H2 facility in Palm Springs, California. It will use Hydrogenics’ PEM electrolysers to convert wind and solar energy into hydrogen once approved.

Olli test in Karlsruhe: Baden-Wuerttemberg reserves 2.5m euros to test autonomous vehicles. One of them is Olli, the electric bus by Local Motors and IBM that talks. It will hit the road in Karlsruhe from November 2017 for testing. (in German)


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