Dieter Zetsche, BMI Research, Ferdinand Dudenhöffer.

Dieter-Zetsche“We were one of the first automakers to develop and build its own cells. From a performance point of view, they were excellent, but they were not cost competitive. Today, the cell is almost a commodity good so the cost is going down fast.”

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche on batteries for electric vehicles. He expects 100 euros per kWh by 2025 as costs for “electric controls, electric motors and all of the other parts” will decrease as well.

anonym“If ZEVC were removed, Tesla Motors would lose a major source of income at a time when it is looking to ramp up its operations in order to launch the Model 3.”

Zero Emission Vehicle Credits are a mayor part of Tesla`s income, BMI Research says, but fears that these may be removed during the looming Trump administration.

Ferdinand-Dudenhoeffer“The electric cars from German manufacturers lack range. There is no comprehensive charging infrastructure available. In my opinion, the government cobbled together the incentive overnight in an amateur way and failed to prepare it professionally.”

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Germany’s answer to Bob Lutz, believes the buyers incentive is not enough and misguided. His continuous concern is range-angst.


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