Nov 18, 2016 - 09:02 am

Hyundai, Tesla, NanoFocus, Google.

Self-driving Ioniq: Hyundai, too, is working on autonomous driving technology and now presented an Ioniq fitted with radars and cameras in LA. The additions are almost not visible from the outside and costs were purposely kept low, meaning the feature could soon be available for customers. Three Ioniq and two Tucson Fuel Cell are already being tested., ,

Tesla P100D speeds up some more: With a new software update, Tesla wants to offer its drivers of the Model S and X with Ludicrous mode a little extra fun. A new Easter egg will make the car go from 0 to 100 kph in 0.1 seconds less than before. The only downside: drivers must first find the Easter egg first.,

Cheaper fuel cells: As part of the project Supersurf, NanoFocus is working with manufactures, suppliers, etc. to develop a new measuring instrument for fuel cell production. The goal is to lower the error quote and increase efficiency to allow for a more economical mass production of fuel cells., (articles in German)

Hitching the right ride: A new patent by Google shows the possible future of autonomous electric cars at a time, when there are already scores on the road and it could be difficult to determine which car is meant for which customer. It outlines a signal technology for cars to show the clients, which vehicle is there to pick them up.


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