Nov 18, 2016 - 09:01 am

Hyundai, Vancouver, South Korea, Tesla, Chargemaster.

Ioniq Electric carsharing and all-inclusive offer: Hyundai and WaiveCar want to kick off an e-carsharing scheme with 150 Hyundai EVs in Los Angeles. Another 250 units in three other cities will join the fleet by the end of 2017. Because of advertising on and inside the vehicle, the first two hours are free. Moreover, Hyundai will offer “Ioniq Unlimited” leasing in California, offering the Ioniq Electric, as well as charging and service for three years a flat fee.,,

Vancouver plans more chargers: The Canadian city has earmarked another 3m Canadian dollars for the installation of more EV charging stations over the next five years. Vancouver wants to become “the world’s greenest city” by 2020 and increase their numbers of EVs from now 1,000 to 30,000 units.

Cheap EV hire: To push the uptake of electric mobility, South Korea’s environmental ministry has struck deals with several car hiring companies. They will offer long-term rentals of some 6,000 EVs, said to be cheaper than purchasing an electric car, Moreover, the government will offer monetary incentives to buyers of the rental EVs.

Tesla charges Australia: The EV maker has kicked off installation of three new Supercharger sites Down Under. One will be located between Melbourne and Adelaide in the south of the country, while the other two will connect Sydney and Brisbane. Tesla also plans to install another Supercharger along that route, so models with lower range can also go the distance.

Chargemaster partners with Mercedes: Mercedes PHEV drivers in the UK can now order a homecharger with 3.6 or 7 kW, which will be delivered and installed by the country’s largest EV infrastructure provider. Customers who sign up benefit from six months free access to Chargemaster’s “Polar Network.”


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