Nov 21, 2016 - 08:48 am

UK, VW, Tesla, BYD, Connecticut.

UK subsidies for electric motorbikes: The UK government now supports the purchase of an electric motorbike or scooter with up to 1,500 pounds. At least 2,500 two-wheelers can benefit from the grant, under the condition that they have a range of at least 50 km (30 km for scooters), can go faster than 40 kph and not use any lead acid or silicone lead acid traction batteries.

VW partners with ridesharing service: In light of VW’s attempt to become a mobility provider coined by electric mobility, the carmaker is partnering with Chinese ridesharing service Didi Chuxing. The partners want to offer mobility solutions and also develop further transport systems for Chinese cities.

Converter for Chinese infrastructure: Tesla announced an adaptor, so that its vehicles can also plug in at public chargers in China. It will enable Tesla drivers there to get juice not just at the Supercharger and possibly give them access to federal subsidies for wallboxes.,,

New deal for BYD: The manufacturer has received an order for 21 of its 7-metre electric buses from the South Korean island of Jeju. It is said to be largest deal ever won by a coach manufacturer in a developed East Asian country and comes just weeks before BYD’s 12-metre e-bus will debut in the country.

Connecticut deepens pockets: The U.S. state has earmarked another 2.7m dollars in subsidies for electric vehicles. Residents, businesses and even municipalities can therefore continue to receive grants ranging from 750 to 5,000 dollars when by a battery-electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicle.,

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