Tesla, Peugeot, GKN Driveline, Hyliion.

Autopilot to be extended: Tesla equips all its new cars with hardware for full autonomous driving reportedly. In three weeks time, software update 8.1 will drop, which is to enable new self-driving functions, Elon Musk announced via Twitter. More updates will follow every month.

Peugeot power hybrid: A hybrid is to become Peugeot’s top performance model, the French carmaker told Autocar. It looks like the concept car Peugeot 308 R Hybrid with 500 hp will make it into production after it debuted back in 2015.


GKN axle in BMW X1 PHEV: GKN Driveline will supply BMW’s X1 plug-in hybrid for China with eAxle technology. The eAxle module delivers an extra 70 kW for electric driving with up to 125 kph. Originally developed for hybrid AWD, carmakers use GKN’s system to hybridise compact cars also.

Hybrid trailer: Carnegie Mellon University spin-off Hyliion developed a hybrid system for truck semi-trailers which recuperates. Added-on, the system combines regenerative braking and power boost to reduce fuel consumption and also functions as an auxiliary power unit to reduce engine-on idling.


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