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EPA pushes emission standards: In a rush to affirm the 2025 fleet emission standards of 54.5 mpg before Donald Trump takes office, the EPA decided to leave them in place. Carmakers had hoped for further negotiations until 2018. While the president could change the standards at a later date, it would neither be easy nor quick.
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Tesla-Model-X-final300Designers wanted at Tesla: It looks like the Model Y and other ideas are slowly taking shape. There are several jobs posted at the Tesla Design Centre in Hawthorne and while descriptions remain vague, interesting tasks lay ahead. Elon Musk only recently mused on the Model U for example.

Tesla made in India? Indian steel-to-power group JSW is to venture into electric cars next year. Government subsidies make the idea particularly attractive for the debt-laden company. There has been talk of Tesla technology but neither Tesla nor JSW would confirm any cooperation.

To soar to the edge of space on solar power alone is the plan of Swiss Raphaël Domjan. The Solarstratos plane by PC-Aero is just 8.5 meters long and runs on a 32-kW electric drive and 20 kWh Li-ion battery. The hangar and aircraft will be presented next week with take-off set for 2018.
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First drive Smart ForTwo: The electric 2017 mini Mercedes clearly is a European invention, Jeff Jablansky found out, when taking the city slicker to Miami. There, fuel is cheap, cars are large and roads are wide. Luckily, the little Smart ED convertible stood out and may make a great second car.


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