Google, Schaeffler, London, Renault.

Google car project is now called Waymo: Google is spinning off its self-driving car unit into its own Alphabet company called Waymo. Jon Krafcik, who currently heads the undertaking, will remain in charge. However, as reported, Google’s own vehicles development will give way to more cooperation with traditional carmakers.,

Bio-hybrid pedelec: Schaeffler will present its futuristic concept (we reported), a four-wheeled vehicle fitted with a pedelec drivetrain that will supply energy only when the rider is pedalling, at the CES in Las Vegas. The self-named “bio-hybrid” includes a roof, is suitable for bicycle paths, and can be linked with a number of apps.

Charging on the fly: Researchers at London’s Imperial College have been able to translate the concept of wireless charging to drones. Once the latter gets close enough to a charging station, energy will be transferred to the battery.

Hybrid truck: With the Urban Lab 2, Renault presented its newest truck concept based on the 19-tonner D WIDE. Thanks to its mild hybrid technology including an automatic start-stop function and 48-Volt starter generator, as well as to a special aerodynamic design, the vehicle is said to use 13 percent less diesel.


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