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DS, Schaeffler, ZTE, Transfar Zhilian, Audi, Toyota.

Citroen-DS-E-TENSEDS 1 to DS 7: Expect seven new models from PSA’s performance arm within this decade. The DS1 may be the most surprising of the lot as insider Georg Kacher tells of a racy but compact and electric city car, designed to fight the Smart Fortwo and Forfour.

Schaeffler strengthens e-mobility biz: Compact Dynamics is now owned by Schaeffler, which acquired 51 percent of the electric motor maker. The shares were sold by Semikron International and the deal entails close cooperation with the German supplier in the field of power electronics. The new alliances shall serve to expands Schaeffler’s competence in electric drive systems.

On target to electrify transit in China is ZTE: Initially a smartphone maker, it has reportedly invested 560m dollars in inductive charging for transport and now ventures into vehicles. ZTE bought 70% of Granton Automobile and plans to set up facilities to produce up to 10,000 new energy buses.

More electric transport: Chinese logistics firm Transfar Zhilian is to hook up with JAC, Dongfeng and Foton to develop new energy logistics vehicles. Overarching Transfar Logistics Group will invest 13m dollars to set up the Zhejiang Transfar Eco-Friendly Logistics subsidiary.

Audi-Q7-e-TronRight-hand drive issue with Q7 e-tron: Delayed deliveries of Audi’s plug-in hybrid cause complain among British buyers, who were told months ago that their cars were on the way. Audi blames problems at suppliers for modified components that are specific to right-hand drive Q7 e-trons.

Toyota C-HR as proper hybrid? Toyota’s C-HR hybrid may soon come with a plug. The crossover’s PHEV variant would use the next-generation Prius drive, Autocar alleges.


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