Tesla, ZTE, WiTricity & CTEK, Nissan.

TeslaTesla battery for the home: Tesla´s plans to not only power cars but also households seems to become more concrete. CEO Elon Musk said that the design for the in-home battery has been completed and that production could be launched in the coming six months. More technical details were not released.
theverge.com, pv-tech.org

Inductive deals, take 1: Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE wants to invest some 3.5 billion yuan (560 million dollars) in inductive charging technologies until 2016. Apparently, deals with over 20 Chinese cities to provide the technology for public transportation have already been made. According to its own accounts, ZTE is also in talks with several carmakers over possible collaborations.
reuters.com, scmp.com

Inductive deals, take 2: CTEK, a Swedish supplier of battery charging systems, announced a technology and patent license agreement with WiTricity, for the commercialisation of the latter’s inductive charging technology. CTEK plans to develop wireless charging systems for i.e. the automobile industry.
xconomy.com, digitaljournal.com, businesswire.com

Evening eye catcher: A newly introduced ‘ultraviolet-energised paint’ lets the Nissan Leaf glow in the dark. During the day, the paint absorbs UV energy from the sun and gives off an eerie glow at night. And that’s not all: At the Chicago Auto Show, the carmaker presented a Leaf with a ’self-cleaning’ paint.
dailymail.co.uk, transportevolved.com

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