Dec 21, 2016 - 09:17 am

Lucid Motors, BMW, Efficient Drivetrains, TU Delft.

Lucid-Air-300LG Chem to supply Lucid Motors: The EV start-up forged yet another battery coalition, this time with LG Chem, after closing a deal with Samsung only recently. The strategic supply agreement with LG will deliver cells with a proprietary chemistry that has been developed together. Lucid said, it deems it best to retain as much flexibility as possible, esp. as it looks at possible other applications for its batteries that may differ in performance requirements.,

BMW project i 2.0: A new campus is to combine all R&D activities for autonomous, connected and electric drives from the German carmaker in a centre close to Munich from mid-2017. Project i 2.0 that will bundle all competencies at one location comes prior to the iNext, due to debut in 2021. (in German)

5,000 hybrid and electric drive trains shall soon roll off the lines of Efficient Drivetrains after it relocates to a bigger site. The drive train maker will be moving its current Dixon operations in California into a new 10,000 square foot space in February of 2017.

Integrated battery electrolysis: Researchers at the TU Delft developed the ‘battolyser’ – a battery system that can store or supply electricity but can also split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. They claim 90% efficiency for their nickel-iron based battery. The next step is to scale up.


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