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Dec 2, 2020 - 11:18 am

Lucid Motors completes first phase of US factory

Lucid Motors has completed the first construction phase of its Casa Grande production facility in the US state of Arizona. The commissioning of the production facilities and processes will have already begun since production of Lucid Air is scheduled to start in spring 2021.

Nov 18, 2020 - 01:21 pm

New electric vehicle lobby ZETA formed in the USA

In the USA, a lobby organisation has been founded to advocate that only purely electric vehicles should be sold nationwide from 2030 onwards. There are 28 founding members of the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA), including Tesla.

Oct 15, 2020 - 11:34 am

USA Lucid Air basic version prices revealed

Lucid Motors has now revealed the details of the basic version of its Air electric sedan set to come out in 2022, after the higher-priced versions. The basic model will cost $77,400 in the USA (or $69,900 after the federal tax credit of $7,500).



Aug 14, 2020 - 11:09 am

Lucid Motors plans e-SUV based on the Air

The electric car start-up Lucid Motors is planning a battery-electric SUV based on the platform of its first model, the electric sedan Air. As CEO Peter Rawlinson explained, a prototype already exists.

Jul 9, 2020 - 05:20 pm

Lucid Motors to open 20 Studios through 2021

Electric carmaker Lucid Motors has just announced plans to open 20 retail locations known as Lucid Studios as well as Service Centers throughout North America by the end of 2021. Still, direct sales happen completely online.



Jun 18, 2020 - 02:01 pm

Lucid Air to be presented on 9 September

Electric car startup Lucid Motors will present the series version of its electric sedan Air on 9 September online. They say they will reveal the final interior and exterior design plus details of specifications, prices and available configurations.

Mar 6, 2020 - 03:17 pm

Lucid Motors to opt for direct sales model

Lucid Motors, the electric car start-up, has announced details of its sales and service strategy and nine Lucid Studios showroom locations in the USA. The first showroom has already opened at the company’s headquarters in Newark, California.

Feb 24, 2020 - 03:13 pm

Lucid signs supply agreement with LG Chem

Lucid Motors has signed a long-term supply contract with LG Chem. The contract covers the supply of LG Chem battery cells for the standard version of the Lucid Air electric sedan until 2023.

Feb 6, 2020 - 01:51 pm

Lucid Air to sport a 900-volt system

Lucid Motors will equip the production version of its first electric model Air with a 900-volt system, as CEO Peter Rawlinson just revealed in an interview. For the top version of the Air the manufacturer continues to promise a range of 400 miles (644 km).

Jan 22, 2020 - 02:49 pm

Reservation books open for Lucid Air in Europe

The US-American startup Lucid Motors has now opened European reservation books for the first model Lucid Air. The startup says it will officially unveil the Tesla-like debut car in New York in April. Deliveries in Europe are scheduled to begin at the end of 2021.

Dec 3, 2019 - 02:13 pm

Lucid Motors begins building Arizona EV plant

In Casa Grande, Arizona, Lucid Motors has started construction of its electric car plant and says it will invest more than 300 million dollars. The first phase of the factory construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Jul 2, 2019 - 04:02 pm

Peter Hochholdinger and Jan Oehmicke leave Tesla

Two prominent departures within a few days – After production manager Peter Hochholdinger (formerly with Audi) left Tesla to join Californian rival Lucid Motors, Tesla’s head of European operations Jan Oehmicke (formerly with BMW) is also leaving.

Feb 6, 2019 - 02:09 pm

Lucid Motors considers sharing EV tech with OEMs

The US startup Lucid Motors is in negotiations with car manufacturers about the potential exchange of electric vehicle technology and plans to go public in a few years. According to CTO Peter Rawlinson, however, a sale is not on the table.

Aug 20, 2018 - 12:51 pm

Saudi Arabia may invest in Tesla rival Lucid Motors

PIF, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, who Elon Musk had banked on to help him taking Tesla private, is thinking to invest in Lucid Motors. The electric car startup is holding talks with PIF over a $1BN investment, Reuters quotes sources close to the matter.

Apr 19, 2017 - 07:55 am

Fully Charged, Lucid Motors.

Video tip I: The new episode of Fully Charged illustrates Robert Llewellyn’s first experiences with Tesla’s Model X and also what a family thinks of the biggie.
youtube.com via insideevs.com

Video tip II: Lucid Motors has brought its Air up to high speed during stability testing. According to the engineers, the electric sedan hit 217 mph (349 kph).
youtube.com via ktar.com

Apr 18, 2017 - 08:25 am

Lucid Motors, James O’Neill, Simon Moores.

Peter-Rawlinson“We don’t have the money in place. That’s why we need to secure Series D (…). It would be irresponsible to start moving earth or start anything until we have a financial runway to execute that professionally and with absolute integrity.”

Lucid Motors chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson explains why the EV newcomer is seeking money in yet another round of financing. Once secured, production of the Air EV is to start by 2019 in Arizona.

anonym“Many fleet managers have an ever-growing list of responsibilities, in addition to company vehicles, including HR, procurement or purchasing. With the on-going backlash against diesel cars, fleets are having to consider adding EVs and PHEVs to their choice lists, and are having to address the added pressure of charging infrastructures, data and security issues.”

James O’Neill, UK director, Ensto Chago thus detailed the things to consider when opting to integrate PEV and charging infrastructure into fleets.

Simon-Moores“While it was started by Tesla’s Gigafactory, 70 percent of this new capacity is being built in China by major producers such as BYD, ATL, and Lishen.”

Simon Moores, managing director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, on the rise of battery “megafactories”. While Tesla may be talked about the most, BMI’s research suggests that by 2020, China will host 62% of global production capacity for Li-ion cells.

Apr 7, 2017 - 07:43 am

Kreisel Electric, Ford, Nio, Lucid Motors, Qoros, Bollinger.

Porsche-910e-Kreisel-300pxKreisel electrifies Porsche: German manufacturer Kreisel Electric and cooperation partner EVEX have converted a Porsche 910 into an electrified super car. The Kreisel EVEX 910e goes above 300 kph, accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 2.5 seconds and is even street legal and available in a limited edition. The super cars 53 kWh power pack allows supposedly a range of 350 km. The electric Porsche will debut at the Techno Classica. Price point: 1m euros.

Ford’s electrification strategy for China: Until 2025 Ford intends to electrify 70 percent of its line-up in the world’s biggest car market. The Mondeo PHEV which will be produced in China with joint venture partner Changan will be the starting point in 2018. Within the next 5 years an all-electric sport-utility with 450 km range shall follow (also in North America and Europe). Furthermore, Ford wants to start the production lines for electric drive systems in China by 2020.
reuters.com, media.ford.com

Nio and Changan united: In Nio (formerly Next EV) Changan has found another JV partner willing to manufacture EVs in China. Under the name of Yangtze River Automobile New Energy Industry Development, both companies seek to start production in Wuhan. At Shanghai’s Auto Salon, Nio plans to present not less than 11 vehicles such as an electric SUV – their first model for the Chinese market – its Formula E racer, electric hyper car EP9 and concept vehicle Eve.
carnewschina.com (joint venture, electric SUV), green-motors.de (Shanghai show)

Cash injection for Lucid Motors: EV start-up Lucid Motors seeks to fundraise 700m USD for its projected plant in Arizona. The factory shall be completed in three phases with production start scheduled for 2019. The Silicon Valley based company intends to start with an annual output of up to 10,000 EVs but plans to reach up to 130,000 electric vehicles per year eventually.
fool.com via electrek.co, autoblog.com, bizjournals.com

Qoros’ concept sports car: The Chinese manufacturer permits a first glance at the concept car 9 QlectriQ, a co-production with Koenigsegg that is soon to be revealed in Shanghai. The all-electric model is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 3 seconds and to make 500 km on one charge.
carnewschina.com, motor1.com

First prototype of Bollinger: U.S. start-up Bollinger Motors announced an electric “Sport Utility Truck” with AWD not long ago. Now, the company provided first photos of the chassis together with the promise to present the complete EV this year before going serial in 2018.
electrek.co, electriccarsreport.com, prnewswire.com

Feb 17, 2017 - 09:44 am

Elon Musk, Lucid Motors.

Reading tip: Elon Musk reportedly plans to dig tunnels – with a capital T. A first hole has been dug close to LA airport and it appears that “boring” is indeed the Tesla CEO’s intention, Max Chafkin uncovers in his extended feature.

Click tip: After first photos of Lucid Motors’ Air EV, more pictures have emerged. The company currently runs test rides in American cities.

Feb 13, 2017 - 11:18 am

Tesla Semi, Lucid Motors.

Video tip I: Remember the Tesla Semi? It is the utility vehicle Elon Musk lined out in the Masterplan. While it awaits completion, Jan Preisert made a rendering and banned its conception in a clip.
youtube.com via insideevs.com

Video tip II: Air is drifting in the snow literally as Lucid Motors winter tests its electric sedan.
insideevs.com (with video)

Jan 10, 2017 - 08:36 am

Massachusetts, Faraday Future, Lucid Motors.

Reading tip: A newly passed law in Massachusetts prohibits EV charging stations from imposing inscription fees on drivers, hoping to make infrastructure more readily available. It also allows for the building code to be updated and require new homes and businesses to be pre-wired for EV chargers. Moreover, communities can dedicate parking spot for EVs only.

Video tips: Tesla is getting some competition. And while it didn’t seem like anyone would get to drive the FF 91 (Faraday Future), Drive’s Alex Roy got to go for a ride-along in the back seat to test the autonomous parking/summoning feature and acceleration. Meanwhile, The Verge got to take the passenger seat in the Lucid Air. In both cases, the testers were impressed.
youtube.com via insideevs.com (Faraday Future), youtube.com via carscoops.com (Lucid Motors)

Dec 21, 2016 - 09:17 am

Lucid Motors, BMW, Efficient Drivetrains, TU Delft.

Lucid-Air-300LG Chem to supply Lucid Motors: The EV start-up forged yet another battery coalition, this time with LG Chem, after closing a deal with Samsung only recently. The strategic supply agreement with LG will deliver cells with a proprietary chemistry that has been developed together. Lucid said, it deems it best to retain as much flexibility as possible, esp. as it looks at possible other applications for its batteries that may differ in performance requirements.
electrek.co, greencarcongress.com

BMW project i 2.0: A new campus is to combine all R&D activities for autonomous, connected and electric drives from the German carmaker in a centre close to Munich from mid-2017. Project i 2.0 that will bundle all competencies at one location comes prior to the iNext, due to debut in 2021.
bmwgroup.com (in German)

5,000 hybrid and electric drive trains shall soon roll off the lines of Efficient Drivetrains after it relocates to a bigger site. The drive train maker will be moving its current Dixon operations in California into a new 10,000 square foot space in February of 2017.

Integrated battery electrolysis: Researchers at the TU Delft developed the ‘battolyser’ – a battery system that can store or supply electricity but can also split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. They claim 90% efficiency for their nickel-iron based battery. The next step is to scale up.

Dec 19, 2016 - 09:15 am

Nissan, Germany, Volkswagen, Sono Motor, Lucid Motors.

Nissan-Leaf-RenderingNissan EV for $17,000: The shared EV platform by Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi may decrease cost by 20 percent, thus making EVs for 2m yen (17,000 dollars) a very real possibility, Nikkei reports. Apart from price parity, Nissan may also push the new-gen Leaf forward as CEO Carlos Ghosn announced a “substantial presentation” for the CES in Las Vegas this coming January but would not go into details.
asia.nikkei.com, forbes.com

ICE to be banned locally? Gas guzzlers may soon be prohibited to enter designated areas in German towns and cities. The zones are to be specified by municipalities, a draft from the Ministry for the Environment outlines. It aims to empower communities to reduce levels of NO2.
spiegel.de (in German)

VW microbus to resurge electrically: VW seems to be looking into bringing back the Microbus, which would then be the second EV the carmaker has lined up. It takes inspiration from both the classic Volkswagen bus as well as the ID and BUDD-e concept EVs, Autocar reports. The seven-seater will use the MEB platform.

Karma production gets the go ahead as Chinese regulators approve to set up production of the former Fisker car in China. Owner Wanxiang reportedly plans to build a facility with an annual production run of 50,000 cars, 11,000 of them Reveros.
reuters.com, hybridcars.com, bloomberg.com

German solar car from mid-2017: Sono Motors is to present its solar-powered Sion EV in Munich in summer next year. Test drive events in major European cities for those that crowdfunded the project will follow, the start-up said and hopes to gain pre-orders.

A first ride in Lucid Motors’ much anticipated Tesla-fighter was granted to Roberto Baldwin. He was well impressed with the Air’s acceleration – at half power already.

Dec 19, 2016 - 09:10 am

Faraday Future, Lucid Motors.

Video tip I: Faraday Future is exhibiting Tesla tactics as it has its new model drag racing a Bentley Bentayga, a Ferrari 488 GTB, and a Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous. FF beats them all but the clip only shows the end of each race. A short cut?!
youtube.com via electrek.co

Video tip II: This is the full-length version of Lucid Motors’ presentation of the all-electric Air. The sleek limousine claims a 400-mile range and a 1,000 hp powertrain.

Dec 16, 2016 - 09:17 am

Lucid Motors, China, Mitsubishi, CEP, Opel, Volkswagen.

Lucid-Air-300Lucid Motors unveils electric sedan: The wraps of the EV called Air have been taken off. The futuristic lined, Porsche Panamera like car boasts 735 kW and a 100 or 130 kWh battery pack. The first 255 models are said to hit the road in 2018 and will be offered as a ‘Launch Edition’ for around 160,000 dollars.
electrek.co, insideevs.com, carscoops.com

Even tighter constraints for EV makers in China? The Chinese government has presented two draft laws to the WTO. One concerns the reported EV quota said to go into effect in 2018, and that despite pleas from Germany hasn’t been watered down. The other draft law is about “production approval” and could be even more crucial. It says carmakers will have to proof their ability to build EVs – even Chinese joint venture partners of international companies are concerned. These would therefore have to receive exact design plans for upcoming models. The law could go into effect in summer 2017.
sueddeutsche.de (in German)

Extended EV alliance: After essentially taking over Mitsubishi, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has taken another carmaker under his wing as CEO. Shortly after he announced that all three brands will align and standardise their electric drivetrain technology. That means also that Renault and Nissan will have access to Mitsubishi’s plug-in technology.

CEP strike a balance: 250 new fuel cell cars hit the road in Germany this year and because of technical development and standardisation, drivetrain production cost has come down 75 percent. And because of the international 700 bar standard, components for H2 fuelling stations dropped around 50 percent.

Ampera-e to cost more than the i3 or Leaf: As reported yesterday, the Opel Ampera-e can now be ordered in Norway for 32,300 euros. A price that won’t translate to other markets. But when comparing it to other models in the Nordic country, it becomes in what price range the Opel will be positioned. It will thus be more expensive than the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf.

Production start: Volkswagen has kicked off production of its seven-seater called Atlas in Atlanta, U.S. As previously reported (back than, the car was still called CrossBlue), a plug-in hybrid version is in the pipelines. Though no official details have been released yet.
carscoops.com, greencarcongress.com

Dec 13, 2016 - 09:02 am

Lucid Motors, Fisker, energy fund, Xiaomi, Rivian Automotive, Tesla.

Lucid Motors update: The carmaker will take the wraps of its first and all-electric model with an output of 735 kW tomorrow (Wednesday), as well as the planned 100 or 130 kWh battery packs by Samsung. The latter will allow for a range of 480 and 640 kilometres. The EV can be bought through a direct-to-consumer model similar to Tesla stores. Lucid plans to sell 10,000 units per year.
autonews.com, insideevs.com

Fisker-EMotion-RearNew photo of Fisker EMotion: Following teaser photos showing the front, designer and eponym Henrik Fisker gives a glimpse at his EV’s rear design. And it really is a nice-looking car, said to launch next year. An innovative graphene-based battery is said to allow the EMotion to go 400 miles on one charge.

Funding energy and transportation innovation: A group of the well to do, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are backing a 1bn dollar energy fund. Over the next 20 years, the money will be used to fund risky pilot schemes and technology projects that help reduce carbon emissions, such as energy storage or innovative ideas in the field of transportation.

Affordable electric scooter: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is extending its two-wheeled product portfolio. Its newest addition, the Mi Electric Scooter, is a foldable, electric scooter with a top speed of 25 kph and 30 kilometre range. The price has been set at 290 dollars.

Rivian to join EV production circle? Michigan-based manufacturer Rivian Automotive wants to invest up to 175m dollars in a former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois, by 2024. According to insiders, the company wants to build an electric car with autonomous features. The plant is said to re-open its doors in about five years.

Biggest Tesla store in Europe: The carmaker opened its newest location in Western London last Friday. Located at a busy roundabout, it provides much space to promote the Model S and Model X, as well as the newest additions to the company’s energy branch.

Dec 8, 2016 - 08:51 am

SolarStratos, Lucid Motors, Chile, Gigafactory.

SolarstratosSoaring with the sun: PC-Aeros now officially unveiled its SolarStratos (we reported), a 8.5 meters long plane that runs on solar-power and is fitted with a 32-kW electric drive and 20 kWh Li-ion battery. Adventurer Raphael Domjan wants to be the first to take a solar plane on a stratospheric flight. Take-off is scheduled for 2018.

Samsung SDI to supply Lucid Motors: The Korean electronics giant will supply battery cells for Lucid Motors’ first production EV, said to arrive in 2018. The two companies previously collaborated, saying they have develop the next-generation of cylindrical cells that “are able to exceed current performance benchmarks in areas such as energy density, power, calendar life and safety.”
autocar.co.uk, forbes.com

Lithium factory in Chile? The country’s government is allegedly in talks with Chinese and Korean investors to harvest the Chile’s lithium reserves and build a 2bn dollar lithium factory in the north of the country. Initial production capacity of lithium-carbonate is estimated at 1,000 tons – but could grow to 10,000 tons by 2018.

Bowling for the Gigafactory: Finnish harbour town Vaasa is considering throwing its hat in the ring to host the European Gigafactory. The town’s proximity to i.e. Europe’s richest lithium mines could definitely push it to the top of the list of possible locations.

Dec 1, 2016 - 09:06 am

Toyota, Lucid Motors, WM Motor, China, Honda, Hyundai.

EV is top priority: Toyota is getting up to speed on electric cars as its new EV division will be led by CEO Akio Toyoda himself. He will oversee developments directly in order to take decisions quickly. Prius chief engineer Koji Toyoshima is to become the leader of the division’s engineering team. Toyoshima will also join the EV strategy unit, which includes representatives from large suppliers.
reuters.com, autonews.com, toyota.co.jp

Lucid to build in Arizona: Lucid Motors found a home for its planned electric car facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. Construction will begin in the first half of next year. If all goes to plan, the first model currently codenamed Atvus (we reported) will roll off the lines by 2018.
greencarcongress.com, electrek.co, lucidmotors.com

WM-MotorsWM presents first models: WM Motor presented its first models, a sedan, a wagon, an SUV and an MPV, due by 2018. All of them shall be electric and most of all affordable, particularly for Chinese consumers. The start-up’s production facility is reportedly being set up in Wenzhou.
carnewschina.com, carscoops.com

Electric bus facility: Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle will invest 1.5bn yuan (219m dollars) into a new facility in Chinese Hebei province to build electric buses. Production of up to 15,000 electric buses per year shall start upon completion by 2018.

HyFive with Honda: The first Honda Clarity Fuel Cell models have arrived on European shores. So far, there are only six of them and they are destined for showcases of the hydrogen project HyFive in London and Copenhagen.
electriccarsreport.com, carscoops.com

Five star Hyundai: Hyundai’s Ioniq excelled in the Euro NCAP crash test as it received a five star rating. The versatile Korean that is available as hybrid, EV and PHEV achieved top marks in all four categories.


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