Tesla, Mercedes, Vanderbilt University, Renesas, Intersil.

Three more Gigafactories? Tesla says it will make decision this year, where to build Gigafactories 3,4, and 5. The first two battery mega facilities are in Nevada and Buffalo (New York). The latter is mainly for SolarCity but now dubbed Gigafactory 2. For the rest, let the bidding begin.

mercedes-amg-petronas-formel-1-f1-w08-eq-power-plus-2017-300x150EQ Power+ is Mercedes’ new label for any performance plug-in hybrid by AMG. The strongest of the pack is surely the Formula 1 racer, that has just been presented. This season’s F1 W08 EQ Power+ has a new styling and stronger hybrid drive.
autocar.co.uk, daimler.com

Battery based on sugar: Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, have developed a room-temperature sodium sulphur battery based on a microporous template made from sugar. Over 98% Coulombic efficiency and durabilty make it competitive with Li-ion batteries.

Renesas-Intersil merger approved: American chip maker Intersil has been acquired by its Japanese competitor Renesas. The deal was initiated last autumn and has now been approved by the CFIUS in the States. Both manufacturers have components for electric and hybrid vehicles in their portfolio.


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